Getting my baby on Friday. Just like this but blue 

Getting my baby on Friday. 
Just like this but blue 

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Oooooooohhhhhhh fuck I want

Oooooooohhhhhhh fuck I want

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Potentially my next tattoo.It’ll probably be on my upper forearm 

Potentially my next tattoo.
It’ll probably be on my upper forearm 


Winter just got so much warmer

Fuck yeeee electrical theory tomorrow

After a pretty hectic weekend

Hoping I get my money from studylink this week so I can go car shopping in the weekend.
I can now get my restricted too, which I am pumped about; I can legally drive!

Just a few more weeks….. 

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I want to go camping.

I want to go camping.

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Awesome weekend with the family

Macy was my shadow the whole time haha. Fuck I’m a good cousin.

The car broke down on the way down there and grandad and I waited for fucking ages for the tow truck at some questionable mechanics gas station 

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